他们取消了好节目,继续上演恐怖节目(They cancel good shows and keep continuing horrible showsTheAlbinoWolf)——欧美讨厌卡通网络的十大理由

他们取消了好节目,继续上演恐怖节目(They cancel good shows and keep continuing horrible showsTheAlbinoWolf)——欧美讨厌卡通网络的十大理由 在 《欧美讨厌卡通网络的十大理由》 中排名第8名。 ...

他们取消了好节目,继续上演恐怖节目(They cancel good shows and keep continuing horrible shows TheAlbinoWolf)——欧美讨厌卡通网络的十大理由在欧美讨厌卡通网络的十大理由中排名第8名。





I completely agree with this listing, but what bothers me is that people keep saying, "How dare they cancel Teen Titans? " or "That show was awesome! They should bring it back! " You have to remember that shows don't last forever. Even if they hadn't cancelled those shows, they most likely would have ended by now. They were made years ago. In the 10-8 years they were on air, those shows would be gone by now (unless you were as greedy as Nickelodeon who keep mildly successful shows on air for 20 years because they're only in it for the money).



For the past years CN was awesome famous for shows like Foster's home for imaginary friends WB shows etc. (a very long list) but then in the present day they they cancelled the awesome show and continued a vulgar Clarence boring and weird Steven universe even stupid crazy Uncle Grandpa etc.(another very long list).


我也同意,CN刚刚结束并取消了像BEN 10,ADVENTURE TIME,Regular Show RIP Pops D;这样的好节目。他们很幸运有了Steven Universe,否则CN的粉丝群就会消失。他们一直在向年轻的泰坦们展示24+/7,他们不播放Steven Universe,BEN 10,有时,unikitty!好的,K.O让我们成为英雄,夏令营岛,强大的魔法剑,苹果联盟。还有,他们为什么要播放瑞克·莫蒂和机器鸡呢?他们知道那些节目展示了一些孩子们不应该看的讨厌的东西

I agree also, CN just ended and canceled good shows like BEN 10, ADVENTURE TIME, Regular Show (RIP Pops D;). They are lucky to have Steven Universe or else the CN fanbase will disappear. They keep showing Teen Titans Go like 24/7 and they don't air steven universe, ben 10 ( sometimes), unikitty!, OK K.O lets be heroes, Summer camp island, Mighty Magiswords, Apple Union. Also, why would they air Rick Morty and Robot chicken do they know those shows show some pretty nasty stuff that kids shouldn't be watching.



They turned down amazing pilots like Twelve Forever and Infinity Train (I'm not sure about IT though) and guess what's the next new show? ANOTHER GOD DAMN BEN TEN REBOOT. I think I've officially lost hope. - TheAlbinoWolf



Cartoon Network! get a life.no one cares about Teen Titans Go cause it's stupid and ridiculous! these are mature people who love shows such as Adventure Time,Regular show and Steven universe! this is a 17 year old teenage girl talking and I don't really like your trashy show Teen Titans Go!


所以基本上,你取消了像Scan2go和Young Justice这样的节目,取而代之的是青少年巨人Go和爷爷叔叔?伙计,去享受生活吧

So basically, you cancel shows like Scan2go and Young Justice and replace them with Teen Titans Go and Uncle Grandpa? Man, get a life.



A lot of old shows HAVE been cancelled. The only bood part about this is that lots of long running shows just become dumb and all that. I do wish thry still had EdEdd n Eddy though


CN比Steven Universe更推崇TTG,我不太喜欢Steven Universe,但我相信它比TTG和Clarence需要更多的赞扬

CN promotes TTG more than Steven Universe, I don't like Steven Universe much but I do believe it needs more praise than TTG and Clarence



Give steven universe a chance it is the best show on cn right now



They haven't cancelled Steven Universe,which by the way is the best CN show ever. - Skullkid755

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